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Orders of Protection

man writing on paper
man writing on paper

Orders of Protection are civil cases, taken out by one party against another either during a divorce (i.e., person is in fear of their spouse) or separately between two parties (i.e., dispute between neighbors or harassment by an individual/ex).

Despite being civil orders, these can lead to criminal charges if a violation of the Order is alleged by the party who took out the protective order.  Violations of Orders of Protection can result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and the potential for substantial out-of-pocket costs, in additional to possible time in jail.

More immediately, however, Orders often lead to residential displacement, limitations on contact with loved ones/children, loss of employment, and loss of firearms.  If granted in full, the Order can require that these limitations persist for years.  

Similar to an Order of Protection (OOP), a Military Protective Order (MPO) may be available for individuals who reside on Ft. Campbell.  Our office is licensed in Tennessee, Kentucky, and in Federal Court to provide assistance with military issues arising on Ft. Campbell.

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