Family Law Custody

babys hand on human palm
babys hand on human palm

Custody matters often occur as part of divorce proceedings.  Just as often, these proceedings need to occur between two individuals who were never married in order to create a visitation schedule for each parent.  In Tennessee, these are referred to as Permanent Parenting Plans.  Still yet, there are custody proceedings that occur between a parent and a non-parent.  This occurs when a third party is seeking visitation with or custody of a child - often a grandparent or other close relative.

While custody proceedings focus solely on visitation with the minor child and the calculation of child support, this does not mean that these cases are any less complex, all-consuming, or emotionally draining.  

No matter the circumstances surrounding your specific situation, certain factors must be considered by Tennessee courts in making a determination for custody and the best interest of minor children.  These factors are numerous and can be easily distorted without proper representation.

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